Wirral CAMHS Support

The Wirral Choice Clinic offers a single point of access to CAMHS and offers families their first CHOICE appointment with Wirral CAMHS. They accept self-referrals from families of children and young people experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties and referrals from professionals.
If you wish to speak to CAMHS regarding your child, call the Wirral Advice and Duty Line on 0300 303 3157 to speak to one of the clinicians, who will ask you a range of questions to gain an understanding of your child’s needs and presentation.  If your child is in need of immediate crisis support, please call 0800 145 6485. 
Alternatively, you can complete the Self Referral Form online: https://www.mymind.org.uk/getting-help/referrals-cwp-camhs/request-help-wirral-camhs
Alternatively, please speak to school and we can help you to access CAMHS support.