Vision & Values in Testimonials

Parent Feedback 2022-2024


"Wonderful teachers and support staff. [My child] is proud of her ambassador badge & Fruit of the Spirit Award. She talks so happily and with enthusiasm on the way home about school. She talks about feelings and wellbeing which I think is so important. Couldn't ask for more from [the staff]. We know that [our child] is safe and well cared for at school."


"We are really pleased with how [our child] is doing and the support that the school provides for her. Thank you."


"Excellent school. Always helpful and caring."


"We are very happy with Dawpool school. The teaching staff are very supportive and encouraging. The assembly was so special and it was great to be able to attend. Our daughter is very happy here."


"I feel that my child is well looked after at the school and the school has been very encouraging to him. Overall, he is a happy child here. Thank you for everything you are doing for my child."


"[My child] loves Dawpool! He is happy to come into school and has built up good relationships with staff and students. Very supportive staff!"


"Dawpool has a high emphasis on behaviour and I believe this is reflected in the children who attend here. They are a great example of the school ethos. Previous feedback has been acted upon and the school continues to evolve."


“My child strongly values the support she gets from not just her teachers, but also from her after school club teachers. She is always wanting to try new things and this is always welcomed and encouraged by everyone. She has developed strong bonds and friendships with lot of other children. I personally cannot find fault in anything. Only ever feel pride and comfort knowing how looked after and supported she is.”


“The support for additional needs is excellent”


“My child is doing very well at Dawpool. We are so happy with his progress. All his needs are taken care of and he is growing into a confident young man!”


“My girls are very happy at Dawpool and love school. Keep up the good work!”


“We are so happy with Dawpool. This is one of the best decisions we have made, thank you to all of the team for helping and supporting [my child].”


“I honestly believe that Dawpool is a great school. [My child] flourishes here. She is incredibly thoughtful and happy and I am in no doubt that Dawpool has contributed to this.”


“We love the school. The staff are fantastic and always have a welcoming smile. I’m so pleased with the progression I have seen and confidence. Very, very happy!”


“Could not ask for a better school”


“Our children are very happy at Dawpool. They learn a lot and are well supported with things that they struggle with. The school and teachers have dealt well with any issues or questions that we have had, although we can say that there haven’t been any times that our boys have had issues with bullying and Dawpool can be praised for that! It is a lovely, nurturing school and our children couldn’t be happier than this.”


“[Our child] loves Dawpool and all of its teachers and staff. She is always excited to be coming to school at Dawpool! I think this says a lot about how happy she is!”


“We love that the school is values based, creates a warm, safe ‘family feel’ environment and that the children are encouraged not only for attainment, but also for behaviour.”


“[Our child] is extremely settled at Dawpool and part of the fabric. Her talents are evident in school and at home. Thank you for all you do.”


“The teachers are brilliant and always keep us updated on our children’s progress. Great fundraisers for school and charities.”


“The staff at this school are fantastic. From office staff, wraparound care to teaching staff. My child has developed and grown since starting at this school. My child’s teacher is a credit to the school and on a daily basis inspires and motivates my child to learn, develop and grow.”

“Thank you for being an amazing school! You’re doing a great job raising our children in their education.”


“My girls enjoy going to school and as a parent that reflects the excellent teachers at Dawpool.”


“Thank you for the good care that all the staff of Dawpool provide to our children.”


“As a relatively new family to the school we have been welcomed by teachers and families. Really impressed by parents’ evenings and the support our child receives. Also we have a younger child due to join F1 in September and we have been blown away by the support already offered. Thank you!”


“Thanks again for a positive and informative parents’ evening. My child’s teacher knows him thoroughly and we are delighted with his progress and attitude to school. Thanks to everyone for making [our child] so happy at Dawpool.”


“[My child] is happy here and flourishing. Thank you”


“We have been very impressed with the school since [our child] started. The level of input on the Tapestry website / portal is fantastic – I don’t understand how the teachers have time for this! They must work very hard indeed – this level of insight is invaluable and provides us with so much reassurance . . . we also loved World Book Day! Thank you”


“Dawpool continues to be an excellent environment for my child and he has been supported post COVID.”


“[My child] is thoroughly happy and contented at school. As a parent, I could ask for nothing more. Thank you for all your kindness and effort with her.”


“We are grateful for the principles and faith-led attributes of the school.”


“We are very pleased with Dawpool and how both the school and its staff have brough the best out in our children. Thank you.”


“Really enjoy the ‘small school’ friendly atmosphere at the school and our son is thriving is this environment. The church ethos is excellent and we love it that our son comes home and tells us about the prayers and the songs he has learnt.”


“Our experience with Dawpool has always been positive – both kids have thrived and enjoy their time here.”


“Very, very happy with the school ethos. Thank you!”


“[My child] has enjoyed her time at Dawpool. Thank you for supporting her in her educational development”


“Dawpool has been a part of our family for a long time and we have always felt supported. You encourage our children to be their best and that is all we can ask for.”


“[My child] is extremely happy in [his class]. He very much enjoys learning and he seems to be making excellent progress.”


“Very pleased with our choice of school, particularly its nurturing aspect and flexibility.”


“I like the fact the school isn’t pushy with my child’s development. I feel that progresses at a rate suitable for her needs.”


“My child is very happy and settled. He enjoys school and we are pleased with his progress.”


“We only have good things to say. All staff have been fabulous and [our child] seems really happy. We look forward to her future here.”


“We value the sense of community and involvement in local projects. Grateful that there is a PTA still! We are pleased with the religious teachings and Worship.”


“We are really happy with Dawpool. It’s a lovely, caring, warm school and our little one is  very happy here. He absolutely loves his teacher and I’d always recommend the school to other parents. Communication is regular which is really appreciated.”


“My child is always happy to come to school and has a great time with her friends and teachers. As a parent, I have no issues with Dawpool.”


“The school is always approachable and strives to find a solution to any issues”


“When we review activities on Tapestry, I am always impressed by how much thought and planning has gone into learning activities. I am also very appreciative of attention to wider development needs, for example emotional development. I think the Forest school activities are so important for balanced development.”