Staff List 2023-24 (Alphabetical Order)

  • Mrs N. Adams

    Admin Assistant

  • Ms M. Barriachina

    Spanish Teacher

  • Mrs F. Barrick

    SENCo & Inclusion Manager

  • Mr M. Battersby

    Grounds Maintenance

  • Mrs L. Broadbent

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Mrs L. Brocklebank

    Learning Support Assistant / PPA Teacher

  • Miss L. Brown

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Mr D. Burrows

    Head Teacher

  • Mr J. Campbell

    Sports Teacher

  • Mrs A. Cook

    Lunchtime Staff

  • Mr J. Cushion

    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mrs S. Davies

    Lunchtime Staff

  • Mr J. Donaldson

    Music Tutor (Brass)

  • Mrs J. Ellis

    Learning Support Assistant / HLTA

  • Mr L. Firth

    Music Tutor (Percussion)

  • Miss L. Gamet

    Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs D. Gordon

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mr N. Greenop

    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mrs L. Hall

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs L. Ham

    Year 1 Teacher / Forest School Teacher

  • Mr S. Harper

    Music Tutor (Guitar)

  • Mrs C. Heaps

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs G. Hazelhurst

    Music Tutor (Woodwind)

  • Mrs R. Heron

    Foundation 2 Teacher

  • Mrs S. Hood

    Learning Support Assistant / HLTA

  • Mrs N. Johnson

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs E. Kenney

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs C. Knight

    Wrap Around Care and Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs P. Lee

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Ms L. Lo

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs L. Marr

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Ms C. Marwing

    Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs C. McCann

    Deputy Head Teacher

  • Mrs H. Millensted

    Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs A. Parr

    Admin Officer & Lunchtime Co-ordinator

  • Miss A. Poldervaart

    Music Tutor (Piano)

  • Mrs J. Poston

    Foundation 1 Teacher / EYFS Lead

  • Mrs A. Rathbone

    School Kitchen & Wrap Around Care Staff

  • Mrs K. Shaw

    Cleaning Staff

  • Mrs T. Stanley

    Cleaning Staff

  • Mr J. Taaffe


  • Mrs S. Thompson

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Miss G. Thurgood

    Catering and Hospitality Manager

  • Mrs S. Topping

    Wrap-Around Care & Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs G. Vickers

    Learning Support Assistant & Wrap Around Care Co-ordinator

  • Mrs J. Whelan

    Wrap Around Care Staff & Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs A. Whibley

    Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) / Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs L. Young

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs R. Warwood

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Mrs C. Wood

    Learning Support Assistant / Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

  • Mrs S. Lawton

    Learning Support Assistant