A Parent's Guide to Reading

Phonics and Early Reading
This page provides parents and carers with information relating to phonics and early reading.  Further materials such as reading lists can be found on your child's year group page. 

“Reading has an enduring power to shape and develop minds, both in the classroom and, ultimately, outside of it.  Of the subjects taught in school, reading is the first among equals – the most singular in importance because all others rely on it.  Excellence in almost any academic subject requires strong reading.”

Doug Lemov, Reading Reconsidered (2016)


Resources from the Phonics and Early Reading meeting on Wednesday 5th October 2022 can be found here:
Phonics and Reading Comprehension
Video 1: An overview of phonics and how parents can support their child's reading development.
Video 2: A guide to reading comprehension and how to develop these skills at home.
Videos 3 and 4: These videos provide a helpful guide to producing the correct 'pure' sounds and an explanation on how to blend these sounds together to read words.  
Useful websites:
Words for Life (National Literacy Trust) https://wordsforlife.org.uk/
The Reading Agency: https://readingagency.org.uk/
We would encourage parents and carers to register their children with their local library.  Once registered, children can loan books but also access a wide range of reading material online such as ebooks and audiobooks.  Wirral libraries also promote the 'Summer Reading Challenge' annually. 
Did you know your child can apply for a Blue Peter Book badge?  Details can be found here:
Reading Materials
Black History Month
School Library