School Meals

Welcome to the 'School Meals' section of our website

We have always taken the nutrition of our children seriously. Which was why, in 2003, we joined a consortium of 5 Deeside schools who tendered as a cluster group for outside caterers.

We decided to take control of our own catering and launched our new in-house provision in June 2008 as a result of the negative publicity directed towards school meals, following   Jamie Oliver ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’ television series.

We continue to seek the advice of a local independent catering consultant, RPJ3 Group, who ensure that all our meals meet nationally agreed nutritional guidelines and ensure that our catering staff remain up-to-date with training regarding health and safety and food hygiene regulations. Our school has consistently received the top rating of level 5 as part of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme during Wirral’s Environmental Health Inspections, most recently in April 2018.

Our children can now choose between a hot meal with a meat or vegetarian option, a jacket potato with a choice of fillings,a panini or a deli-style meal. The choice from the deli-bar includes a wrap or roll with a variety of fillings on offer and unlimited salad available.

For dessert the children can choose from a wide variety of food including fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, cheese and biscuits, home-made cake or a cookie.

We also offer various drinks including fruit juice, milkshake or unlimited water and all for a daily tariff of £2.20 per day.

When the children take part in school trips we offer a ‘Grab-bag’ option when a packed lunch is freshly made on the premises by our catering staff on the morning of the trip. These are offered to all children including those who normally choose to bring packed lunches to school.

Every Friday we offer our packed lunch children the chance to pay on the day and enjoy our hot meal of fish fingers and chips or homemade sausage spin and chips. This is a very popular choice with over 90% of our children enjoying a school meal every Friday!

We  offer regular theme days once every half term and these meals are also made available to everyone. We have covered themes such as Children in Need and Bonfire Night.

The success of our provision has been such that our advice has been sought by the School Food Trust to help write guidance documents for other schools looking to take their catering in-house.