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Risk Assessment & Contingency Plan
Please download below a copy of our latest risk assessment and contingency (management outbreak) plan.

When the pupils return to school in September, the government no longer recommend that it is necessary to keep children in consistent groups or ‘bubbles’. As well as enabling flexibility in curriculum delivery, this means that assemblies can resume, and we no longer need to make alternative arrangements to avoid mixing at lunch or playtimes. 

The school's contingency plan, which can be downloaded above, covers the possibility that it may become necessary to reintroduce ‘bubbles’ for a temporary period, to reduce mixing between groups.


Arrangements for all pupils returning to school – 1st September 2021


Arrivals and Departures.

The start and finish times will be reinstated in accordance with our Arrivals and Departures Procedure.

The opening times for arriving at school are 8.45am – 8.55am each day for all pupils.

Please do not arrive before 8:45am.

Children should not be left unsupervised on the school playground before 8.45am.

At 8.45am, the school doors will open. Staff will be present at the ‘wooden gate’ to greet pupils and direct them into the school building.

Pupils in Y1, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 should pass through the ‘wooden gate’ and enter the school building via the conservatory entrance on the main playground and go directly to their classroom where they will be met by a member of staff.

Pupils in Foundation 2 and Year 2 should cross the playground and enter their classrooms via the doors in the F2 outdoor area. In accordance with EYFS recommended practice, F1 and F2 parents may accompany their child to the classroom door where they will be met by a member of staff.

The doors on the main playground will close at 8:55am. Children arriving after 8.55am must come into school via the front reception door and register with staff at the school office. Pupils arriving in their classroom after 8:55am will receive a late mark.

If your child is absent from school, please inform the school office by 9:00am using the pupil absence line: 0151 648 3412 (option 1). On your child’s return to school, you must provide a written explanation for the absence.

The school gates will be locked at 9.00am and will reopen at 3.20pm for school departures.


F1 and F2 classes finish school at 3:25pm. All other classes finish at 3:30pm. All classes are escorted outside by a member of staff who will be on duty in the playground until 3.40pm.

Pupils in F1, Y4, Y5 & Y6 will be dismissed onto the small playground by the Dawpool ship. Parents and carers of these year groups should wait in this area.

Pupils in F2, Y1, Y2 & Y3 will be dismissed onto the large main playground. Parents and carers of these year groups should wait in this area.

In the interests of safety, we ask that children do not play on the trim trail at home time.


All pupils should return to school in full uniform which is outlined on our website.

The children will have PE lessons on the following days:

  • Foundation 1: Tuesday
  • Foundation 2: Monday
  • Year 1: Thursday
  • Year 2: Tuesday
  • Year 3: Thursday
  • Year 4: Monday
  • Year 5: Tuesday
  • Year 6: Wednesday

Children may come to school on their PE day wearing their PE kit:

  •        Navy shorts or skorts
  •        White t-shirt (with or without school logo)
  •        Plain navy tracksuit (in colder weather)
  •        Trainers

Children should not wear ‘own clothes’ or football kits on their PE day. It is important that all pupils adhere to the items of PE uniform listed above.

If the children are using the forest school area, they will wear school uniform. Parents will be informed when forest school activities are taking place as the children will need to bring a pair of wellies or sturdy shoes and a waterproof coat.

In the interests of safety, and to enable good standards of housekeeping, we ask all parents to minimise their child’s belongings. The following items will be sufficient for every child:

  •      A coat (named)
  •      A book bag (named)
  •      A water bottle (no single-use plastics, please)
  •      A small lunchbox (if required)

There is no requirement for pupils to bring a pencil case or stationery as this is provided by the school.

In the interests of safety, only stud earrings are permitted. Please ensure hair accessories are discrete and match the school uniform colours.


You can arrange a coronavirus test by clicking on the link below.


Key Contacts

NHS 111

NHS 111 online:

DfE Helpline: 0800 046 8687 (questions about COVID-19 related to education, open 8am-6pm Monday -Friday)


Public Health England North West: 0344 225 0562


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