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Recovery Plan and Risk Assessment
Please download below a copy of our latest risk assessment.
You can arrange a coronavirus test by clicking on the link below.
Latest Update - Friday 18th June 2021
Thank you for all that you are doing to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. With news of the COVID Delta variant spreading throughout the North West, we want to share some important updates.

If you or family members have received two doses of a Covid vaccine then your chances of getting so sick you would be hospitalised from contracting the Delta variant are much lower, but it absolutely does not stop you contracting and transmitting the variant to others.

If you have had 1 dose of the vaccine then you have around 30% protection (it varies slightly between vaccine types) from contracting the virus. It is important therefore that everyone plays their part in keeping each other safe.

A few reminders:

All adults should wear a face covering on the school premises. Adults should be vigilant to social distancing and maintain 2m distance from each other where possible. Where 2m is not viable, for example on School Lane and pedestrian paths at peak times, adults should reduce the risk to themselves and others by taking suitable precautions:

  •        Wear a face covering
  •        Keep moving
  •        Keep to the left (single file)
  •        Keep interactions brief
  •        Avoid face-to-face conversations

Note: You must not attend school if you are symptomatic, or a member of your household is symptomatic.

If a parent or carer is experiencing one of the 3 main COVID symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of taste/and/or smell) and is waiting for the results of a PCR test, they should NOT send their children into school while they are awaiting the results. If a parent/carer is waiting for a PCR result, both they and their children could potentially be infectious and therefore the children should not be attending school while the parent is waiting for their test result. If the parent receives a negative PCR result, their children can return to school. If the parent/carer receives a positive result, they and their family members have to self-isolate for the full 10 days.

Parents/carers should NOT use home LFDs to test whether symptomatic primary-age children have COVID or not. While convenient to use these at home, the difficulty in carrying out a nasal and throat swab with a young child means that the test results are often not valid. Also, everyone who has at least one of the 3 main COVID symptoms should have a PCR test. If parents have a symptomatic child, they need to book a supervised PCR test (see for local details).

We really appreciate all that you are doing to keep each other safe and thank you for observing these protective measures.



Arrangements for all pupils returning to school – 8th March 2021



The information contained in below is a summary of the school’s latest Recovery Plan and Risk Assessment which can be downloaded above. This has been written in response to the latest guidance and in consultation with staff, governors, professional associations and trade unions.  Please make sure you read all of this information carefully.

We have taken into consideration any additional government guidance and we will operate the same robust measures that were in place during the Autumn Term. The children should not be aware of any significant changes to how the school operated before Christmas and the teachers will deliver the full curriculum as normal.

The DfE’s guidance states that school attendance will be “mandatory for all pupils from March 8th”. The usual rules on attendance will apply, including parents’ legal duty to secure their child’s attendance at school. The ability to issue sanctions such as fines will also be reinstated, and schools will be responsible for recording attendance, following up absence and “reporting children missing education to the local authority”.

A requirement that people who are ill stay at home

Your child must not attend school if they or a household member (including someone in their support bubble or childcare bubble if they have one) has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms. For further information about symptoms and self-isolation, please read COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

If your child displays any symptoms of COVID-19 when in school we will notify you to arrange immediate collection. We will also contact the local Public Health England team to obtain guidance and support on further measures within the school community. Please let us know the outcome of any COVID-19 test immediately.

Coronavirus tests can be arranged here:

From 1 March 2021, if you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble or support bubble of a pupil who is attending school you can get a twice-weekly test:

  • through your employer if they offer testing to employees
  • at a local test site
  • by collecting a home test kit from a test site
  • by ordering a home test kit online

Further information is available here.

Arrivals and Departures

To avoid traffic congestion on School Lane, parents are encouraged to park away from school and walk. To reduce the number of adults attending the school premises, pupils should be accompanied by one adult per family.

The usual pedestrian gate should be used for entry and exit. Arrival and departure times have been staggered across a 30-minute period to avoid overcrowding. All parents and carers should wear face coverings when collecting and dropping off their children. Adults should be vigilant to social distancing and maintain 2m distance from each other. Where 2m is not viable, for example on pedestrian paths at peak times, adults should reduce the risk to themselves and others by taking suitable precautions:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Keep moving
  • Keep to the left (single file)
  • Keep interactions brief
  • Avoid face-to-face conversations


The wooden gate on the small playground will open between 08:30-09:00 for pupils to enter school. Pupils should arrive as follows:

08:30-08:40: Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 (including their siblings in younger year groups)

08:40-08:50: Pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3 (including their siblings in F1 & F2)

08:50-09:00: Pupils in F1 and F2 without siblings.

Any pupils arriving in school after 09:00 should enter through the main school entrance. Parents and carers should not enter the school building and should leave the school premises as soon a possible to prevent overcrowding.


To enable adequate social distancing, parents and carers should walk through the wooden gate onto the larger main playground and wait for pupils to be dismissed. Parents and carers are asked to observe social distancing whilst waiting. Pupils will depart from the larger playground as follows:

15:00: Pupils in F1 and F2 (without siblings in other year groups)

15:10-15:20: All pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 (and siblings in other year groups)

15:20-15:30: All pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3 (and siblings in F1 & F2)

Parents and carers should arrive at their allocated time to prevent overcrowding.

If you are a childminder, and need to collect pupils from different year groups, you may collect all of your children at the dismissal time of the oldest child. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange this.

Collective Worship

Collective Worship will take place within year groups. Large gatherings with more than one year group are not permitted at this time. This will be reviewed at the end of each half term.


Year groups will be allocated a designated space within the school grounds for a 20-minute playtime during the morning and the afternoon. Playtimes will be staggered so that year groups do not mix.


Year groups will be allocated a designated space within the school grounds for a 30-minute playtime during lunch. Each year group will also have a 30-minute indoor session for eating their lunch. Pupils with a packed lunch will eat in their classroom, pupils purchasing a lunch from the school kitchen will eat in the school hall. Lunchtimes will be staggered so that year groups do not mix. There will be a slightly revised menu as we return to school and copy can be viewed on the website from this Friday. For enquiries about purchasing school meals, please email

Wrap-Around Care.

Wrap-around care is permitted to resume for all pupils. Parents should be aware that within our wrap-around care it will not be possible to maintain the groups being used during the day, but we will use small consistent groups and use outdoor spaces where possible in accordance with the government’s guidance. The timings of wrap-around care are:

Breakfast Club 07:45 – 08:45 (Pupils will be escorted to their classroom by a member of staff at their designated start time)

After-School Club 15:00 – 17:45 (Pupils will be collected from their classrooms by a member of staff when their lessons have finished)

Wrap-around places will continue from the 8th March as previously booked unless parents have been in contact to alter them. For enquiries about Wrap-Around Care, please email

Extra-Curricular Clubs & Music Lessons

Over the next few weeks, we will be establishing a programme of extra-curricular clubs and activities which will commence after the Easter holiday. Where possible, peripatetic music lessons will be permitted to continue and we will provide further information about this in due course.

Entering the school building

Unfortunately, parents and carers will not be able to enter the school building unless you make an appointment by prior arrangement. If you need to contact school, such as to arrange dropping off medicine, please email or phone the school office. To avoid parents having to enter the school building, there is a box outside the main entrance for dropping off items. In emergency situations, where a face-to-face appointment is the only option, this will be arranged by appointment only so that adequate social distancing arrangements can be made.

Uniform & PE Kit

All pupils should return to school wearing school uniform. Pupils are welcome to wear the Summer uniform from 8th March. We will be opening windows in school to ensure there is good ventilation, so we recommend that your child has a jumper in case they are feeling cool. Please refer to the School Uniform section of the website for all the details. For enquiries about uniform, please email

On PE days, pupils should arrive at school wearing their PE kit. This will help to reduce belongings and to avoid changing clothes in confined spaces. A dark plain tracksuit may be worn if the weather is cooler.

PE days are as follows:

F1: Wednesday

F2: Friday

Y1: Thursday

Y2: Thursday

Y3: Thursday

Y4: Thursday

Y5: Tuesday

Y6: Wednesday

Items from home

Your child can bring in a school bag if absolutely necessary. Packed lunches should be brought in a small named lunchbox which can be washed at the end of the school day. Pupils do not need to bring a pencil case as everything will be provided for them to do their school work. Please ensure they have a named water bottle with them each day. Please do not allow your child to bring into school any toys or other unnecessary items from home, for example ‘show and tell’.

For the time being, homework will be delivered through online resources and will be available on the Remote Learning pages of the school website. We will be prioritising reading when pupils return to school and we will be issuing reading books for pupils to take home. We will provide further information about this shortly.

Where possible, all correspondence to parents will be shared through the school website, email or Twitter feed. Paper correspondence will be avoided, so please make sure we have your up-to-date email address. We will also continue to update the Coronavirus Information page of the school website with any pertinent information. The government have also published some useful information for parents: What Parents & Carers need to know about schools from 8th March.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email

Key Contacts

NHS 111

NHS 111 online:

DfE Helpline: 0800 046 8687 (questions about COVID-19 related to education, open 8am-6pm Monday -Friday)


Public Health England North West: 0344 225 0562


All COVID-related letters and correspondence