SIAMS Inspection Report

Some statements from the SIAMS report 2018 include:
  • The clear and uncompromising vision is brought to life in a real and relevant way. It shapes all aspects of school life resulting in innovative practice that transforms lives.
  • Pupils’ spiritual development is remarkable.
  • The unique academic and spiritual needs of all pupils are met through the fully inclusive curriculum.
  • Recent data shows that all pupils, including those who are both most vulnerable and most able, make at least good progress from their starting points. This is due to outstanding teaching and creatively funded, well resourced, expertly planned interventions.
  • Staff ensure that any barriers to inclusion that might limit the life chances of pupils are significantly reduced. Through inspirational teaching, pupils develop into reflective people who have the confidence to ask high level questions and confidently articulate their reasoning.
  • Every child is valued and celebrated as a child of God.
  • The abundant life promoted by the Christian vision extends to the staff who clearly love their school and are committed to working hard to make it the excellent church school that it is.