Anti-Bullying Guidance for Parents

Recommended Books about Bullying
  • Emily is Being Bullied, What Can She Do?

    A Story and Anti-Bullying Guide for Children and Adults to Read Together (Ages 7-11)

    This guide for children ages 7-11 helps children, parents, teachers and other professionals discuss bullying together. It is based on the latest research and practice in anti-bullying interventions and portrays different perspectives - the child being bullied, the child doing the bullying and the bystanders. ISBN: 9781785925481

  • Mud Boy

    A Story about Bullying (Ages 5-11)

    This illustrated story is designed to be read with children aged 5+ who have experienced or seen bullying or teasing. Sam's story gently evokes how it feels to be bullied and shows how talking to other people helps. It is a great discussion starter for kids and adults and empowers children to see how they can change things for the better. ISBN: 9781785928703