Year 1 Class Page

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Welcome to Year 1 Class Page
We have had a lovely first week back at school :)
Over the next few weeks we will be preparing for our Christmas service so you might be hearing some Christmas songs being sung - sorry!!
To contact Miss Barron and Mrs Warwood please email or phone 0151 648 3412.
Please inform school immediately if you do not have online access.
Reading books to be returned by Wednesday please! Thank you :)
Some helpful links and resources:
You can download below a recommended reading list for Year 1 pupils. These books are widely available from most book sellers. 
You may also wish to subscribe to Oxford Owl for additional free reading material:
Go to and click on ‘Oxford Owl for Home’ to set up an account. 
This Week's Timetable
Phonics- Practise reading and writing the words that use this weeks phonics sounds.
/oo/ sounds using u eg; put, pull, push, full, bush.
/y+oo/ as u—e. eg; costume, cube, cute, tube. 
long /oo/ as u— eg; rule, June, prune, flute.
Maths- Practise correct formation of all numbers.
Common Exception Words- Children should be able to read and spell these
Additional Home Challenges