All enquiries should be directed to the school office:


Phone: 0151 648 3412

Option 1: Absence Line

Option 2: Miss Thurgood (Catering Manager)

Option 3: Mrs Kenney (Business Manager)

Option 4: Mrs Adams and Mrs Parr (School Office)

Parents are encouraged to communicate with school in accordance with the Home School Communication Procedures.

In the first instance, parents should initially speak to the class teacher for queries relating to learning, progress, behaviour, equipment, timetables etc.  A face to face meeting is probably best for this type of issue. Meetings should be arranged by parents contacting the school office or writing a note directly to the class teacher.

If the issue has not been resolved by the class teacher, or parents need more advice following these initial discussions, they should contact the Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs McCann, or the Head Teacher, Mr Burrows.

Questions about Special Educational Needs should be directed to Mrs Barrick, SENCO.

Child Protection and Safeguarding concerns should be directed to the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) as follows:

  •       Mr D. Burrows (Head Teacher)
  •       Mrs C. McCann (Deputy Head Teacher)
  •       Mrs E Kenney (Business Manager)

Queries regarding letters, admin, attendance, school dinners, clubs, payments, finance etc. should be directed to Mrs Adams and Mrs Parr in the school office. 

Concerns or complaints, that have not been previously resolved by speaking with other staff members as listed above, should be directed to Mr Burrows, Head Teacher. Parents may refer to the school Complaints Policy.
The Co-Chairs of Governors may be contacted at

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