Year 5 Remote Learning

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Welcome to Year 5 Remote Learning
To contact Mrs Hall and Mrs Lecoustre please email or phone 0151 648 3412.
In the case of a full class closure, please email
Please inform school immediately if you do not have online access.
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Welcome to week commencing 11th January 2021
To my dear Year 5,
I hope you are all well and happy. Thank you for all the fantastic work that you are doing at home I am so pleased with you. It was not the Spring Term that we were expecting but together we will do our very best and before you know it we will be all be back together in our class room. Here are a few pointers to help you at home;
  • Always refer to our Class Closure Timetable. This guides you through each day and will give you links and information about what it is I would like you to do. Try to complete all the activities for each day but remember to have regular breaks. Be gentle and kind to yourself and your family. Do what you can.
  • In the yellow section of the timetable there are some quick assessed tasks I would like you to complete about that day's learning. You can submit these via Purple Mash. Remember that you or your parents can contact me, Mrs Hosker and Mrs Lecoustre via the Year 5 email address.
  • For the Third Space Maths activities you don't need to print out the slides. Skip through the slides to the Year 4 Slides. These will help revise your learning from last year before you begin the Year 5 work. Do the Guided practice on paper. For the Independent work you must all complete Number 1. Challenge yourself to have a go at the Number 2 activity and read through the Number 3-can you do this one too? However, remember I only need you to definitely do Number 1 Independent work and all the Guided Practices. I don't want you struggling and feeling fed-up at home!
  • Theseus and the Minotaur - We are studying this Greek Myth this week and it is a really exciting one! Each day has a different writing activity which you can find on the Class Closure Time Table. You don't need to print anything out just do your writing on lined paper or a lap top. Do whatever is easiest for you and your family.
  • I would like you to pay particular attention to capital letters and full stops please. Quite a few pieces of writing I have seen have not used these properly. I think you have forgotten over Christmas! Read your writing out loud to yourself or someone in your family and this will help you decide where the punctuation needs to go. I will be checking!
Have a great week my lovely class. Do your best and stay safe.
Love to you and your families
From Mrs Hall xx
This Week's Timetable
Please download below a copy of this week's timetable which details the objectives for every lesson and recommended activities and resources.
Your child will bring home a reading book on a Friday for the weekend. Please ensure the book is returned to school on a Monday so that we can reissue them safely (books must be stored for at least 72 hours before reissuing). We will not be sending home reading logs for the time being. 
You can download below a recommended reading list for Year 5 pupils. These books are widely available from most book sellers. 
Your child can also use 'Serial Mash', the online reading library within Purple Mash.
This week, we recommend the following book from Serial Mash: Where Sea Eagles Fly
Downloadable Resources & Activities