Year 3 Remote Learning

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Welcome to Year 3 Remote Learning
To contact Miss Venables, please email or phone 0151 648 3412.
In the case of a full class closure, please email
Please inform school immediately if you do not have online access.
Some helpful links and resources:
Class Information
Please download below a copy of the Year 3 presentation for parents. 
Your child will bring home a reading book on a Friday for the weekend. Please ensure the book is returned to school on a Monday so that we can reissue them safely (books must be stored for at least 72 hours before reissuing). We will not be sending home reading logs for the time being. 
You can download below a recommended reading list for Year 3 pupils. These books are widely available from most book sellers. 
Your child can also use 'Serial Mash', the online reading library within Purple Mash.
Welcome to Week Commencing 18.01.21
I have loved seeing all your work on Purple Mash this week.  It shows me how hard you are working and that makes me extremely proud.  I am looking forward to seeing your faces on Google Meet this Monday.  Parents should have the link to be able to access this (please check your junk mail!).
Another couple of useful points:
  • Please check and download the lesson timetable below.  Don't just download the resources.  Instructions for the lessons and how to submit the assessed daily task every day are on there as well as videos and useful links.
  • Please see the additional tasks at the bottom of the lesson timetable.
  • Make sure your assessed tasks are 'handed in'.  Click this button, so I can provide feedback.
  • Maths- the third section/question on the Third Space worksheet is the challenge.  Only attempt this if you are confident with the other sections.
General feedback:
You have really engaged with the book so far and your ideas about the dad are very imaginative. Keep this up when writing the email to him this week.
* I can see that you are trying hard with your punctuation.  Capital letters and full stops are important!
T- This week, make sure you check the success criteria when writing your email.  It will show you everything I am looking for.  You should write just like in school.  Think about how much I would expect you to write in school.
Stay safe and keep making me proud!
Much love,
Miss Venables xx
This week in our class we will be covering - 
Maths - Finish further multiplication and division (Spring block 1), assessment and money!
English - Planning and writing an email to dad and singular and prepositions
Geography - Rivers and mountains of Europe
P.E. - Joe Wicks and yoga
R.E - Christian Community 
Science - Animals including humans
French - Classroom instructions.
Music - Pulse and rhythm 
*P.E. - On a Thursday this term. Children to come to school in P.E kit and tracksuit as the weather becomes colder. 
Additional learning tasks - Spellings week 3, times tables, read chapter 2 set on Purple Mash and complete quiz.
Further Learning:
Ancient Egypt- Research holidays to Egypt online.  Budget how much it would cost to go on holiday with your family. 
Europe- Design and write a postcard, imagining that you have visited a  European city of your choice.  Tell the reader what you have  liked and disliked about the city.
Stone Age- Design and make an ancient stone circle or a replica of Stonehenge. Be creative in the way you make your stone circle.
This Week's Timetable
Please download below a copy of this week's timetable which details the objectives for every lesson and recommended activities, resources, lesson instructions and useful links.
Downloadable Resources & Activities
Wednesday 20th January 2021
Hello Year 3
Thank you for all your super efforts last week - especially with the Science task.  I really enjoyed reading your comments on the Purple Mash blog.  Using blogs, 2Dos and email is a helpful way for your teachers to see what you have learned.  
I hope you enjoy today's Science activities.  There are some great little videos that will support your learning.  You will also be researching an animal of your own too.  I know we have some animal enthusiasts in the class so I can't wait to hear about what you've learned.  I'll add another question to the blog for you.
Thinking of you all and missing your presence at school,
Mrs McCann