Year 2 Remote Learning

To contact Mrs Young, Mrs McCann, Mrs Cutts and Mrs Vickers please email or phone 0151 648 3412.
In the case of a full class closure, please email
Please inform school immediately if you do not have online access.
Google Meetings for Year 2 will take place on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 11:45am. Invitations have been emailed to parents. 
Some helpful links and resources:
Welcome to Year 2 Remote Learning
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Class Information
Your child will bring home a reading book on a Thursday for the weekend. Please ensure the book is returned to school on a Monday so that we can reissue them safely (books must be stored for at least 72 hours before reissuing). Reading logs will not be sent home for the time being. 
You can download below a recommended reading list for Year 2 pupils. These books are widely available from most book sellers. 
You may also wish to subscribe to Oxford Owl for additional free reading material:
Go to and click on ‘Oxford Owl for Home’ to set up an account. 
You can also subscribe to a 30-day free trial with Reading Eggs, an online reading programme for ages 2-13. 
These common exception words are being used for Year 2 spellings.
This Week's Timetable
Please download below a copy of this week's timetable which details the objectives for every lesson and recommended activities and resources.
Downloadable Resources & Activities
Please note I have been setting 2do's on Purplemash for Homework for a good few weeks now and it seems that only a couple of children are completing them. Please try to choose some activities to do as they are all based on work we are covering in school. Thank you for your support. 
Complete Year 2 Fluent in five.  Fill in your diary every day.  I have added  2dos on Purplemash for homework.  
Please note the date on the top of Monday's plan is incorrect. It says Wednesday but it is Monday's lesson plan.
Spelling lesson - Choose a spelling activity card and practice 10 - 15 words from the Common Exception Word List.
Useful resources for general use
Multiplication & Division Video 1
Multiplication & Division Video 2
Staff Preparation Area:
These are resources that we are preparing for pupils.  Please do not access or download these items as they are subject to change.   They will be moved into the timetable at the appropriate time.  Thank you for your understanding.