Relationships and Sex & Health Education (RSHE)

The Department for Education is making Relationships and Health Education (Primary) and Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education (Secondary) compulsory in all schools.

To ensure that we further promote the personal wellbeing and development of all pupils whilst meeting new statutory requirements we have worked hard to integrate any proposed changes in our RSHE policy and curriculum content.

To introduce parents to all the proposed changes and ensure everyone is well informed we invite you to read the key documents below before completing the short consultation via the following link: RSHE Parents' Consultation Survey.

Your curriculum queries, opinions, and any contributions will enable us to further develop and shape our bespoke curriculum offer but will also enable us to continue to work in partnership to meet the needs of all children. We look forward to receiving your feedback and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

Draft Policy
Additional Information
Science Units which deliver statutory Sex & Health Objectives
In accordance with our RSHE policy, we do not teach pupils sex education beyond what is required of the science curriculum. The science units of work that deliver statutory sex and health objectives can be downloaded below and provide the detail of what is taught. 
Heart Smart

To deliver the statutory RSHE & PSHE objectives, we use a range of resources which align closely with the school's Vision and Curriculum for Christ-Likeness. HeartSmart is a creative resource that we use to build character, emotional health and resilience in children. It equips them with foundational principles, skills, habits and a mindset that will improve their mental health, relationships and academic achievement. Some aspects of Relationships and Health Education, including physical health and fitness, online relationships and internet safety and harms will be delivered through the Physical Education and Computing Curriculum. The statutory elements of sex education are covered as part of the KS2 science curriculum under the topic Animals Including Humans. This area of the curriculum is delivered to pupils in Years 5 & 6 and the planning can be downloaded above. 

HeartSmart is delivered around 6 key topics: 

  • Get Heart Smart

  • Don’t forget to let love in

  • Too much selfie isn’t healthy

  • Don’t rub it in, rub it out

  • Fake is a mistake

  • No way through, isn’t true

 We have provided below some further information about HeartSmart and some sample resources.


Introduction Video
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