CDAT Consultation

At a recent Governing body meeting, the Diocese of Chester provided information to the Board of Governors on the Diocese’s Multi-Academy Trust (Chester Diocesan Academies Trust - CDAT), which is being offered to schools within the Diocese who wish to take advantage of an Academy model.


As a consequence of the national picture and continued debate and growth of academies in England, the Board of Governors have decided to now look more closely into whether an academy model would be in the best interests of the children, teachers and staff at Dawpool CE Primary School. We therefore propose to begin a period of consultation between CDAT and all stakeholders to gather more information to decide if academy conversion is the right thing to do. The Governors are keen that Dawpool CE Primary School have full control of how, when and if they go forward with academy status, without pressure from Government departments.


As a Church school, we embrace any opportunity to strengthen our links with the Diocese of Chester, which we would do as an academy within the Trust. The Diocese already work closely with Dawpool CE Primary School and have provided high-quality support in areas such as governance, school improvement etc. Becoming an academy would give us increased access to this support from a partner that we know and for whom we share a common Christian ethos. CDAT have received significant interest from other schools across the Diocese who would like to join the Trust, demand has been high especially from those schools that are judged to be Good or Outstanding. Strengthening our partnerships with these schools would have clear benefits for Dawpool CE Primary School and the additional support available through a Trust model would be an advantage of becoming an academy. As one of a number of Church schools currently considering academy status, Governors consider that joining CDAT now will be a positive step for the school.

We have included some additional information below:

  • A letter for stakeholders
  • A Frequently Asked Questions Document
  • An outline of the CDAT Vision (information also available at
  • A feedback form

We would be grateful if you could submit the feedback form to us by Friday 11th February 2022 with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. You can also complete the survey online, available at:

From Thursday 13th January, a dedicated website will be available detailing all the documentation and any future information/feedback or responses and it can be found at

Thank you for your continued support of Dawpool CE Primary School. We believe that we have a truly wonderful school here and we are committed to ensuring we provide the very best for our school family.